The Story Behind the Baker

I love Jesus, my family: husband-Gerardo, son-Jaden, daughter-Johanna, our youngest addition-Benjamin,  traveling, interior design, and baking of course! My family and I moved to Loudoun County in 2011. Baking is something I picked up in 2010 when I started out with a simple loaf of sweet bread. Before I knew it, I was baking cupcakes, custom cakes, pastries, and more. God blesses each one of us with particular talents and gifts. All I can say is that my ability to turn your vision into reality with custom baked goods is a God given gift.

Try Béni Bakery for yourself- taste and see that the Lord is good!

A special thank you to Gerardo-my husband, family, and friends for your encouragement, support, and prayers as I begin this new journey with Béni Bakery!

From Texas to Virginia, I have been looking for the perfect Tiramisu (the pastry that I love since my childhood days in the Philippines). Finally found a bakery that has the same Tiramisu that my taste bud has been looking for. Then I ordered Oreo Cupcakes for my son’s bday last week, my mind was blown away when I tried it…the icing was not too sweet like most of the cupcakes I tried before and it was flavorful. Now I have a bakery to order in for my special occasions. You guys have to try it!

Mildred R. (from Facebook)